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This database was initiated by a group of dedicated Irish Wolfhound enthusiasts. Official operator (and administrator) of this application is Melitta Kuhless. The usage of this application is provided free of charge. The information about Irish Wolfhounds contained here is accessible to any Irish Wolfhound enthusiast.

You may link the pedigree but must keep the copyright information. You are responsible for ensuring the functionality of the links. Further use of the photographs is prohibited as they are part of the copyright. Please contact the administrator if you are interested in obtaining certain pictures for private use.

In this database the following projects are currently being worked on:




Website AG




Veterans (8 years and up)

EIWC e.V. (Europäischer Irish Wolfhound Club)


In progress

Jan. 2005


Picture Library



In progress

Jan. 2005


Sperm Database

IWC e.V. (Irish Wolfhound Club Deutschland)


In progress

Jan. 2005


Sperm Bank

IWC e.V. (Irish Wolfhound Club Deutschland)


In process of planning


The ancestors and the detailed information about the dogs were collected to the best of my knowledge and are largely based on entries from stud books.

Data sources: Sources englisch

All processed information is carefully examined and then manually transferred into the database. If mistakes can be found regardless, we apologize and ask to send the correct information to the address provided below. The database is exclusively maintained by the database’s administrator and/or eligible personnel. All information and material that you forward through electronic or other means, including any data, questions, comments, suggestions or the like, will be considered non-confidential.
The administrator has the right to entirely or partly prove, edit, or delete the data. There is no entitlement to any data entry or continuance of the website. The administrator reserves the right to alter, extend, or refuse to offer the mentioned service.

By sending information about their Irish Wolfhound (such as pedigree, age (veteran), sperm, picture) to the administrator the user also vouches for their factual accuracy. The user explicitly declares (unless otherwise noted) that he owns the copyright for his/her submitted pictures.
The user agrees his/her submitted content is saved and made available within the framework of the service. The submission of the data is irrevocable.
In order to publicize your personal information we are required to obtain your approval. The user is responsible for updating such data.

Data that is not supposed to be disclosed will solely be used for your individual support. You are entitled to revoke your previous consent of us saving and using your personal data at any time with immediate effect. Sending an email to the email address provided in this document will suffice.

All users of this site agree that the usage of this internet presence is done at their own risk. We do not take responsibility for the content of the websites that we are linking to. This is the sole responsibility of the third party.
The content of the links is carefully examined prior to their submission. However, we cannot guarantee the completeness of the testing and assume that its contents remain unchanged. Thus, we do not assume responsibility for the correctness or any other existing or missing qualities of the contained information. The operator of this website is not responsible for the content which distribution is prohibited according to German and international law.

Melitta Kuhless

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With problems, questions, or suggestions, please contact the adminstrator.

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